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Experience in logistics and freight transport with a specialisation in transport to France

„The joy of a low price does not last as long as the annoyance of poor quality.“

Hans Böck

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Logistics and freight transport present many companies with challenges that they can hardly master without professional advice. In particular, this involves the pan-European orientation, the requirements of the different countries and the efficient organisation of the logistics processes.

Good advice is therefore essential in order to be successful in logistics and freight transport. With our experience, we can support you in planning and implementing logistics solutions. In this way, pan-European solutions can be developed and implemented that meet the requirements of the various countries.

We specialise in logistics and freight transport to France, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Italy and Spain, where we have many years of experience and extensive expertise. We can help develop and implement tailor-made logistics solutions.

Another challenge in logistics and freight transport is choosing the right distribution solutions. This involves choosing the right means of transport and routes to get the goods to their destination quickly and efficiently. Notification, unloading support and the intermediate and storage of goods are also important factors that need to be taken into account.

Our company, located in Mönchengladbach (NRW), offers a comprehensive range of services in this regard. We coordinate and organise the pre-collection control of the goods, as well as lifting platform delivery or collection and crane provision. This allows you as a customer to benefit from efficient and smooth logistics and strengthen your competitiveness.

As a logistics and freight company, we offer you a comprehensive full service tailored to your individual needs.

We develop customised solutions for your specific requirements to ensure reliable delivery.

For our customers, a slogan that has proven true in the course of decades of professional experience.