BLT GmbH - International freight forwarding

Logistics in good hands, Welcome to BLT GmbH, your freight forwarding broker from Mönchengladbach

"Logistics means ensuring the availability of the right good, in the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right cost."

Sven Rights definition according to Plowman

Our credo:

We are the interface between customer and logistics

A successful supply chain is crucial for every company, and smooth logistics is the key.

We, BLT GmbH, offer our customers economically efficient solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our company has extensive experience in the logistics of industrial goods.

High-value and sensitive goods are part of our daily tasks.

Our team consists of employees with decades of professional experience. Our small team with low "overhead" costs, allows us to always offer our services to our customers at a reasonable price and still with high quality.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we work hard to provide a first class service to our customers.

BLT GmbH - Your specialist for European and non-European land - air - sea transports

  • Tailor-made transport solutions
    We pride ourselves on offering our customers excellent value for money and unrivalled customer service.
  • France has been one of our hobbyhorses from the very beginning of our existence. In the course of the last 25 years, we have added Spain, Italy, Benelux and the Baltic States.
  • With many years of experience in the UK and Republic of Ireland, especially after the Brexit, we can offer tailor-made solutions for transport and customs clearance.
  • A special value proposition of BLT GmbH is that not only price disadvantages are passed on, but also price advantages are passed on to our customers. We place particular value on trusting cooperation and maintain personal contact with our customers.
  • We see ourselves as a "forwarding broker", which means that we act as an intermediary between the customers and the various logistics companies, thus guaranteeing smooth processing.