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Our credo: We are the interface between customer and logistics

"I think our strength is to be able to adapt optimally to the respective situation and the customer. To recognise what is important to him. Often that is not even the favourable freight rates.“

Maria Ullah (Management)

BLT GmbH started in 2000 with the first truck France transports from the Rhine / Ruhr area and has continuously expanded its product range in the following years to meet the increasing demands of its customers. Today, the company has become a full-service specialist for France, offering everything from general cargo shipments to full loads, as well as individual flexible additional services.

BLT has not only expanded its traffic to France, but has also expanded its traffic to Spain and Italy as well as other European routes. In addition, traffic to and from Great Britain, as well as the Republic of Ireland, has been further expanded. Since the beginning, the company has strived to develop individual and effective solutions for its customers' pan-European land transport and to look after the logistics of companies of all sizes. BLT GmbH prides itself on providing its customers with an outstanding service while meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

We will be happy to advise you on all freight matters.

Introducing our team

Our team consists of experienced employees who take care of every aspect of your supply chain. We have a good network of partners to ensure fast, reliable and safe delivery of your products. Our network of partners across Europe also ensures we can offer a seamless logistics solution for your needs.

Maria Ullah
Maria Ullah
Managing Director
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Karl-Heinz Liffers
Authorised signatory
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Sandra Ullah
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Liliane Paulat
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